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Purple Rhapsody Tech

Home of the Versatile PlantUML Renderer for Jira, Confluence, and Slack

Securely Create UML Diagrams

All of our PlantUML and Mermaid apps allow you to use the latest syntax to generate diagrams in a secure way. All diagram data is transferred to our private renderer over secure connections and we never store any unencrypted diagram data.


Embed PlantUML or Mermaid diagrams directly into Confluence pages as one-off diagrams

Or you can create diagrams as ‘documents’ for reuse on multiple pages – update the ‘document’ and it’s updated on all the pages it’s embedded on.

Link to raw diagram source in private Github repos or any other public URL.


Include your PlantUML or Mermaid diagrams in Jira issues.

Add as many diagrams as needed to explain the concepts in the issue.

Link to diagram markdown on external websites.