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PlantUML Privacy Policy for Slack

This Privacy Policy applies to the Slack Versatile PlantUML app supplied by Purple Rhapsody Tech.

Data Retention Policy

This add-on does not collect any customer user data whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to:

  • User Identifiers
  • Login Credentials
  • Usage statistics
  • Any Slack content from outside the app
  • The PlantUML entered into Slack
  • The image generated by the app

Data Storage

The only data stored by these add-ons on the Purple Rhapsody Tech servers is connection and usage data.

The connection data is the id and security access token to identify the PlantUML Bot for a particular workspace and the Slack internal identifier for the workspace together with its name. The usage data is simply a running count of the number of diagrams generated in the workspace and the date/time when the last diagram was generated. Nothing in the data stored enables the app to identify any users or act on their behalf.

The connection and usage data we do store is only retained while the app is actively installed in a Slack workspace and for up to 30 days after the app is uninstalled. Once the app is uninstalled data will only be retained for a maximum of 30 days after this to enable continuity of experience should the app be reinstalled in that time.

Further information

The app is essentially a pass-through service where the image is rendered in real time from Purple Rhapsody Tech’s own PlantUML server and returned directly to Slack without any of the information being stored on any server.

Data Security

All data sent from Slack to the add-on/app is sent over SSL connection, and all information sent from the app to the rendering server is also then encrypted. No plain text information is sent from Slack to the app. Every request to the app from Slack has to pass authentication using a secret key only known to Slack and the app and every request to Slack from the app has to pass authentication using PlantUML Bot’s security access token as detailed in the Data Storage section above.

Slack requires us to provide a mechanism for users to request deletion, access, and transfer of an individual’s data – however we do not store any individual’s data, only the data connection and general workspace usage data detailed above. If we receive a request for data deletion we would ask the customer to uninstall the app first and then when they notify us that this is done we would immediately delete the data associated with their app installation. You can contact us via our support portal.