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Our Products

We write plugins/apps for business applications to enable the creation of technical diagrams (mostly UML) within those applications from pseudo-code/markdown.

PlantUML Apps

PlantUML is a language that describes diagrams and using it to create diagrams is an ideal way to work collaboratively on diagrams or to be able to store the language ‘code’ in source code repositories (e.g. Github).

See the official site for the full description or our What is PlantUML? page for a short summary.

We have integrated PlantUML into 3 business applications – Confluence, Jira, and Slack click a button for more details:

Mermaid Apps

Mermaid is a markdown language, similar to PlantUML in its intent, that describes diagrams and enables the “source code” of a diagram to be treated as the source of truth and can be stored in repositories subject to change control, much easier than an image created in traditional drag and drop tools.

See the official Mermaid site for full details or our What is Mermaid? page for a short summary.

We’ve only integrated Mermaid into Jira – click the button for more details: