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PlantUML Privacy Policy for

Data Retention Policy

This add-on does not collect any user data whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to:

  • User Identifiers
  • Login Credentials
  • Usage statistics
  • The image generated by the add-on

Two types of data are stored on Purple Rhapsody Tech servers:

  • a client identification key used by to identify a valid installation of the app. This does not contain any user-identifiable information and is used to prevent unauthorised use of the app.
  • for each set of diagrams stored against an Item or a Board an encrypted version of the text entered to create the diagrams is stored to enable faster re-display/creation of the diagrams. This data is encrypted at rest and in transit and is only transported over SSL connections.

Data Security

All data sent from to the app is sent over SSL connection, and all information sent from the app to the rendering server is also then encrypted. No plain text information is sent from to the app and every request to the app has to pass authentication using the client identification key mentioned in the Data Retention Policy above.