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Privacy Policy for Terry’s Powerwall Monitor

This Privacy Policy applies to the Powerwall Monitor supplied on the Windows Store and created by Terry Mallory-Robinson.

Data Retention Policy

This add-on does not collect any customer user data whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to:

  • User Identifiers
  • Login Credentials
  • Usage statistics

Data Storage

The only data stored by this app is an ‘authentication token’ generated by the Tesla login process and only usable for this app. The token does not contain any user-identifiable information and is stored in the application’s properties on the user’s machine. No data is sent to or stored in any cloud storage or servers.

Further information

The app simply retrieves information from the publicly-available Tesla API based on the actions of the user in the app. This includes regular requests for current usage data, on demand requests for historical data.

Data Security

All data requested from the Tesla API is done so over a secure SSL connection. No plain text information is sent to the Tesla API from the app. Every request to the Tesla API from the app has to pass authentication using a secret key only known to the Tesla API and the app (this is the ‘authentication token’ mentioned in the Data Storage section above).